All about Acular and where you can buy cheap Acular

What is Acular?

buy cheap acular online Acular is eye drops with anti-inflammatory activity.
The 0.5% strength Acular is used for temporary relief of ocular itching, eyelid swelling, light sensitivity in the case of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. Acular solution is also indicated for the treatment of the inflammation after cataract surgery or vision correction surgery or postoperative pain in eye.
If you don’t know where to buy eye drops you can buy Acular drops online here. Please, read the full information about eye drops solution or consult with your doctor.

Acular dosage information

For the patients with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis:
One drop of Acular ophthalmic solution should be applied to the affected eye four times a day.

For the patients after cataract or vision correction surgery: One drop of Acular ophthalmic solution four times a day to the operated eye. The duration of the treatment is 2 weeks. You can begin treatment with Acular only after 24 hours after cataract surgery.
Acular ophthalmic solution usually used in conjunction with Clopidogel, Foscarnet, Ibuprofen, Pentamidine, Toradol, Vancomycin, Warfarin. This list of medicines that may interact with Acular.

eyes How to use Acular eye drops
1. Wash your hands properly
2. Take off contact lenses if you have them
3. Open the bottle with the Acular solution
4. Pull your lower eyelid down and form a pocket
5. Carefully squeeze one drop of Acular solution into the eye
6. Keep your eye closed for 2-3 minutes
7. Wash your hands to remove the medication

Possible side effects of Acular treatment

Please, remember, Acular like any other medication can cause some side effects. To avoid the risk of getting unwanted reactions follow the doctor’s or dosage recommendations. Don’t take double dose even if you missed to take it earlier. Don’t take Acular more than 2 weeks.

Common side effects are: ocular irritation, pain, itching, burning sensations, redness. Rare side affects are: dry eye, blurred vision, headache.

Who shouldn’t use Acular
1. Children
2. Pregnant women
3. Brestfeeding

Symptoms and causes of allergic conjunctivitis:

When the allergen (pollen, animal skin, cosmetics, dust) irritates the conjuctiva in your eye, it is possible to occur such reactions as: itching, swelling, tearing, photophobia, redness of the eyes.

If you have some of such symptoms you should consult with your doctor. In the case, you are know for certain the cause of your disease you can order and buy Acular online without prescription. Acular is the most effective eye drops solution nowadays.
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date: 17.07.2012 - 10:12 AM
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